Pacific Learner Success in Workplace Settings Report 2017

Pacific Learner Success in Workplace Settings, focuses on exploring key links, barriers, and solutions leading to higher achievement for Pacific learners in the workplace and was launched at the 2017 Pacific Tertiary Education Forum in Auckland.

This report  will help ITOs and others involved with workplace-based learning to formulate effective intervention programmes for Pacific learners.

The research was undertaken by Pacific Perspectives Limited in association with The Skills Organisation, Careerforce, ServiceIQ and Competenz, and received co-funding from the Ako Aotearoa National Project Fund. 

Authors: Dr Debbie Ryan, Lisa Kitone and Racheal Fleming

Visit the project space for more information.

ISBN: 978-0-947516-80-2
Format: A4, 51pp+cover
Publication date: 2017

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